Travel Adventures

Katherine D.

Saved $704

Wow Lorenzo.. I couldn't resist booking this one so, i just booked it. I've always wanted to go to Belize but never thought it would be so cheap. Thank you!!!

Nicholas K.

Saved $840

I just got off the phone with my friends when you sent a deal to Madrid. None of us have ever been to Spain so I just booked three tickets for all of us in May! Really look forward to booking my next flight!

Mark S.

Saved $600

Me and my wife booked two round trip tickets from San Francisco to London in February for a little over $550 total!!

Pramod R.

Saved $312

I haven't had a chance to visit my family for a few years now due to how crazy expensive it is to fly until I came across your website. I was able to finally get grab a round-trip ticket from Houston to India for only $479 during the holidays! Unbelievable.

Benjamin D.

Saved $564

My brother and I just booked this insanely good deal. We've both been saving our vacation days waiting for something to catch our eye and finally pulled the trigger. Can't thank you enough my friend.

Brandon W.

Saved $830

You take traveling on a budget to a whole new level. Used my vacation days to visit Rome for $377 roundtrip!! Thanks!

Nick S.

Saved $1,002

PERFECT TIMING! Last minute honey moon planning couldn't have happened without the deal you sent us. Now we're both going to the Caribbean for the cheapest price I've ever seen. Really appreciate what you're doing man.

Jessica S.

Saved $462

Lorenzo's Flights is legit. Booked my wife, my mother, my baby, and myself to Barcelona fir September. Should have been close to $4,000, it was $1,451!

Jonathan A.

Saved $226

Booked a week in Shanghai from Oct. 13th – Oct. 20th for $444. You're the man!

Ashley S.

Saved $1,889

I booked a round-trip to Paris for only $487! I usually pay more for domestic flights, how CRAZY is that!

Fred A.

Saved $297

Mannnnnnnn, a $300 dollar flight allowed us to see five different countries, and the most beautiful forest we've ever seen! And I've already used this to for ANOTHER trip, to Spain this time, in May. Only $450? Yes please. Easily the best $450 I've spent ever, honestly. I've always wanted to travel but never thought I could afford it. Thank you so much for this!