Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lorenzo’s Flights work?
Great question! I spend time everyday personally searching, analyzing, selecting, and sending my subscribers the most affordable airfares possible for both domestic and international flights. These often include deals airlines usually don’t advertise or even the occasional mistake price.
How often will I receive emails?
This depends on how many cheap flights I can find which on average is about 1-2 deals per day for premium subscribers and about 1-2 deals per week for subscribers on the free list.
How do I get text alerts to my phone?
Text alerts are a special perk for premium subscribers, upgrade now and never miss a deal!
Which airports are these deals available from?
Most deals leave out of major airports, especially for international flights. However, I search all major/small airports when finding deals. Sometimes it may be worth the savings to drive an hour or more to an airport where a deal is available from.
How can I choose which airports to receive alerts from?
This is a new feature currently being worked on. Will make an announcement when we begin rolling it out!
Where can I see past deals?
I list previously sent out deals on the homepage and upgrade page. I also include recent deals you’ve missed when upgrading to premium.
Do you send out cheap domestic flights?
Yes! However, international flights are more in demand due to larger savings.
Will the airlines honor these prices?
Airlines typically will never cancel your ticket, however if it does happen, it’s usually due to a mistake price which again, in most cases will still be honored.
Why is Lorenzo’s Flights better than others?
I find better prices from more departing cities for both international and domestic flights. I don’t to sell you any bundles or commission type deals.
Do you offer travel consultation?
Unfortunately I do not have the time to assist everyone with finding cheap flights to specific destinations, however, I do offer personal travel consultations for premium members.
How quick do I have to book these deals?
Most deals will last a few days but can be booked within 12 months or so. The more rare deals (like mistake pricing) can only last from a few hours up to a day.
Do you ever send out first class fares?
Most flights are all economy fares. It’s a very rare occasion where I’ll find a deal that applies to first/business class.
How do I cancel?
You can email me at lorenzo [at] and i’ll reply asap confirming your cancellation.