How does it work?

Lorenzo is a "professional flight hacker" searching for the cheapest flights around the world.


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LAX to Italy: $397

Normal Round-trip Price: $900


Travel Adventures

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Dallas to Belize: $233

Normal Round-trip Price: $550


Who is Lorenzo?


Professional Flight Hacker

Hey there! If you hadn’t guessed already, I’m Lorenzo (shocking, right?). And if you’re anything like me you’d love to travel and see the world, without spending millions of dollars every time you book a flight. That’s the exact situation I found myself not too long ago but I *knew* that there had to be ways to book cheaper flights. After researching algorithms and recognizing patterns, I’ve analyzed a variety of websites to determine when and how to book the cheapest flights. Thus Lorenzo’s Flights was born.

The flights are so cheap I book some of them myself! Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see which country i'm visiting next. :)

Previous Deal:


NYC to Tokyo: $479

Normal Round-trip Price: $1,000+